TDS Challan: Payment Procedure for TDS Challan Status

TDS Challan: A tax deduction is the way of government to collect a small amount of money from people during transactions, salaries, bank interests, etc. This tax deduction is essential to run the country, and in some or the other manner, it comes to us only. Tax payment is very essential, and it is the duty of every responsible citizen of the country.  TDS  Challan prevents tax evasion and widens the tax collection base. It is an indirect method of tax collection in which the types and rates are different in different cases. It is calculated based on the threshold limit of income.

Payment Procedure for TDS Challan Status:

Tax at the source, TDS is also a source of revenue and tax collection done by the government. TDS is a good source of revenue generation for the country. Every assessee is liable to pay the TDS. There is interest on late payments. It is done by the Income Tax Act, 1961. It is dependent on the threshold limit of the income of the taxpayer. check and know how to pay tds challan online from here.

Tds Challan Online

Tds Challan Online

Tax payment should make on time. It is the duty of every citizen of the country to let the system run smoothly. Not paying the tax is taken to be a crime and is a punishable offense. Every month the tax is deducted, this ensures that the taxpayer is not burdened with the payment all at once. Paying the tax on regular is a smooth and easy way not to burden oneself and create tension.

Payment Procedure Of TDS Challan:

The payment procedure requires TAN number which is a ten-digit alphanumeric number generated by the Income Tax Department.

  • Log in to the official site of TDS payment.
  • Enter the TDS Challan number for TDS payment.
  • Now enter the TAN number.
  • Fill all the details as asked and submit.
  • After submitting, it will redirect to the page for payment.
  • In the net banking, page enters the username and password.
  • After the payment made, a challan will generate with a Challan Identity Number.
  • this is the main procedure for the payment of TDS challan online.

TDS Challan Status Online:

The status of the payment made can be check. The challan status may also be checked online through the same portal. It is a simple and easy step. One can check the status of the challan by opening the portal and clicking on the Challan Status Inquiry option.

One can check the status online after ten days of the payment. With the generated Challan Identity Number on the day of payment, one can check the status after ten days.

Late Payment TDS:

Paying on time is always advantageous. It only lets you have a smooth and uniform payment done but also makes you tension free. As a responsible citizen of the country, it is our duty to pay the tax and abide by the norms of the system.

In case the payment is not made on time, it is subjected to interest @1.5% every month. The payment done after the due date of the tax payment is taken along with the interest value. The interest value is increased from 1% to 1.5% to encourage people to pay the tax on time. It strongly discourages the act of late payments.

The interest is calculated from the date of TDS deduction and not from the due date of TDS. The due date varies depending upon the payee. It is different for Government and Non-government assessed.

So, one is liable to pay more interest amount. The later you pay the more you have to pay. It is always wise to pay the amount on time to complete the duty and also be free from any extra payments.


It is the duty of every citizen of the country to pay the TDS Challan. It is for the smooth run of the country. It is for the betterment of the citizens of the country and uniform distribution of the money among the people.

It is done by the Income Tax Act, 1961. It is subjected to interest if not paid on time.  One can contact the TIN Call Center in the case of any difficulties encountered in the course of payment or the Challan generation. DS Challan payment is the duty of every citizen of the country. Be a responsible citizen of the country and pay the TDS Challan on time.

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