Hyderabad Traffic Challan : Check Traffic Police ts E-Challan Status @ www.echallan.org

Hyderabad Traffic Challan (e-Challan): Hyderabad Traffic Challan i.e E-Challan can be paid easily. if you worried that you will have to visit traffic police for getting the information regarding your pending challan? But you are not getting time from your work and you know that this process is going to take a lot of time. Then do not worry. This complete system of Hyderabad Traffic Challan (E-challan)checking and payment has been done digitally by the government. This E-challan system is successfully working in Delhi, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Soon, this process is going to be implemented in Ahmedabad as well. check Hyderabad traffic challan and ts e challan @ www.echallan.org

Hyderabad Traffic Challan (ts e-challan): How to Check Traffic Police E-Challan Status @ https://www.echallan.org/

This move of taking the system completely digital has helped both traffic police and local people a lot. Traffic police no more need to present everywhere for checking the traffic violations and drivers hassles have also been reduced for going to check the challan and then pay it. People needs to pay penalty if they are not paying the challan on time. With the help of the online system, people can check it anytime and pay at the same moment taking some seconds only, saving their money of penalty. Both checking and paying can be done online by following some very simple steps. And the main thing is that process is very simple so, you have no need to be an internet freak to check and pay it. The article contains step by step procedure of checking your challan and pay it as well. pay ts e challan by following the steps.

Hyderabad Traffic Challan

Hyderabad Traffic Challan

Step by Step Procedure of Checking Traffic Police E-Challan Status and Ts e Challan:

Some simple steps that you need to follow to check the status of challan of traffic police are as follows:

  1. You need to follow this link for entering the page of traffic police: https://www.echallan.org/publicview/
  2. The homepage that will open is very simple. It will be having two tabs, one asking for the license number of yours and second asking for the registration number of your vehicle.
  3. You can use any of these two to check your pending challan if any.
  4. Enter any one of these two and clear the captcha.
  5. Your status of pending challan if any and the history of your cleared challan will appear.
  6. If any challan is pending then you can directly pay as well from there.
  7. Just click on pay now and two options one for SBI and other for ICICI will appear.
  8. You can use any one of these two banks to pay your challan.
  9. Once you select the bank, you will be redirected to bank page.
  10. You can pay using either your credit card or debit card or internet banking.
  11. Once you pay the money, you will get the receipt of your payment which contains reference number of your payment.
  12. Keep this with you as a proof of your payment and you are done.
  13. By just following these some simple steps you have checked your traffic police challan and have paid as well.
Hyderabad Traffic Challan

Hyderabad Traffic Challan

Types of Challan (e-challans) Issued By Hyderabad Traffic Police:

Usually traffic police issue two types of e-challan, one with the help of investigation cameras that are placed at traffic lights and other with the help of digital cameras. If you are charged because you are caught by the investigation cameras then a picture of yours showing breaking of the signal will be uploaded on your page of challan and if you are caught by the digital cameras then traffic police itself will give you the receipt at the place you have broken the signal.  

Download App Hyderabad Traffic Challan @www.echallan.org for ease of checking And Payment (ts e challan):

If you are an Android user then you can also download the app (Hyderabad Traffic Challan) of traffic police. Now you just need to enter your details once and now you can check the status of your challan by just opening the app. Just open the app and look if you are having any challan issued to you and if this is the case then you can pay it as well there only. The procedure with the app is also the same as described above.


Converting the system into digital form is a very smart idea to reduce the hassles of both the drivers and the traffic police. I hope that you have successfully checked in your account and paid your Hyderabad Traffic Challan (E-challan) if any. If you are facing any problem regarding Hyderabad Traffic Challan or ts e challan then feel free to comment regarding your problem. we will clarify all your doubts through comments. thank you for reading the article.

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