Delhi Traffic Police Challan: Track Status of Delhi Traffic E-Challan Online

Delhi Traffic Police Challan Status: You used to drive almost daily and while driving there is a need to follow some traffic rules. If those rules are not followed then you need to pay the fine which is usually called as traffic challan. Whenever you are caught breaking the rules, then traffic police cuts a slip of fine against you. Some months ago, people of Delhi used to stop there and pay the fine at the same moment they are caught breaking the traffic rules. But now this complete system of paying the traffic challan has been online. Now, there is no need to stop particularly at that moment and pay the fine. You can go from there and later when you get time then you can check your Delhi Traffic Police Challan online and can also pay it online. This system of online payment of challan has been implemented in other cities as well like Telangana, Andhra Pradesh etc. This article contains the step by step procedure of how people of Track Status of Delhi Traffic Challan Online.

delhi traffic challan

delhi traffic challan

Delhi Traffic Police Challan- How to Track Status of Delhi Traffic Challan Online

This step of making traffic challan payment online has made the paying of fine very convenient for the people of Delhi. This has reduced a lot of hassles both for the drivers and the traffic police. The complete step by step procedure that you need to follow for checking and paying the traffic challan online is as follows:

  1. is the URL that you need to type in your search bar for the starting of the procedure.
  2. There is an option ‘Notices’ in the horizontal menu bar.
  3. Click on that option.
  4. A list will drop down.
  5. There will an option named Pending notices.
  6. Click on that option.
  7. A page will open which will ask for your vehicle number.
  8. Enter your vehicle number and click on search.
  9. The screen will show details of the traffic challan of your vehicle whether any fine is pending, if yes then the type of violation will also be shown.
  10. There will also be an option of payment of challan.
  11. You can pay it from there using the credit card or debit card or internet banking.
  12. You will get a message of the successful transaction.
  13. Keep that with you for future if any need arises.

Delhi Traffic E-Challan Online @

This is the complete procedure that you need to follow for checking and the payment of the Delhi Traffic Challan and this is a very simple procedure. You have no need to be an internet freak to do this online. Just do as mentioned above and you will easily check and pay your DDelhitraffic e-challan online fine.

Inquiry Numbers of Delhi Traffic police Challan:

Delhi Traffic Police has also provided some helpline numbers that are available for your service 24*7, you can call them anytime, they will definitely help you. And you should always have these numbers handy as the need of these numbers can arise anytime. Some of these numbers are:

  1. Helpline number of Delhi Traffic Police – 2584 4444 / 1095
  2. Number for the complaint against taxi – 56767
  3. Traffic alerts helpline number – 9811452220
  4. Helpline number for women – 1091
  5. Helpline number for senior citizen – 1291

Initially, when there was no online system for the checking and the payment then people need to wait a lot for paying their fines and these situations create a lot of problems for the drivers especially when they have important work to do. But with this online system, a lot of problems have been solved both for the people of Delhi and the traffic police. But nothing can be done till people are not accepting the system and following the system. People need to make aware of the facilities that government is providing.

    paying Delhi Traffic Police Challan is very easy just follow the given steps. So, use the facilities that government is providing. Also, share this news with your friends and your relatives so that each and everyone can be made aware of this procedure and India can ahead towards digital India. Govt. has also asked people to come and share your views regarding this procedure, whether you are liking this, if you have any suggestions for the improvements then also you are invited. You just need to go on the official page of traffic police Challan online and leave your suggestions for improving our nation.

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