Challan 280: Track Challan 280 Status Online and Download Form

Challan 280: 280 Challan is the online portal especially for tracking challans The income tax department releases various challans and forms for various purposes. The status of their challans can be tracked using Challan 280 or 280 Challan. It’s an online portal for tracking and monitoring of challans. Whether you are an individual or a corporate office, you can track your challan using the Challan serial number. The Challan serial number is a unique number given to the user as a proof of payment. This is to be preserved by the user until all the formalities are over. Tax payment is a duty performed by each and every earning member of the society. With the growing population, there is a security threat that we all face. One way to get away from being caught up with scams and other ugly details, you can track the challan for your tax payments and verification purposes. Make sure you utilize the portal provided to you for online payment, verification, and tracking. This way you need not always visit the banks and challan offices for performing simple tasks. You can sit at home and do the entire process in one go.

Why preserve challan records?

Tracking is necessary to verify the status of the challan. However, it is also important to maintain an orderly record all the challan numbers at all times. To save time when it comes to any trouble, the timely records are very helpful. Sometimes the verification process can go wrong, therefore the challan receipt is very necessary for one to keep.

280 Challan

280 Challan

Track your challan Online:

A step-by-step procedure to track your status of challan 280 is given for the users. Another name for Challan 280 is ITNS 280. All earning member pay taxes, this is done through cheque or cash. This payment is further extended to Challan 280, 281, 282. There are many online portals to track the challan status. The challan services are not only used by taxpayers but for regular collections from the back. The verification is available by two methods: the CIN based method and TAN based method. Both are easy to understand and follow. challan 280 is also said as 280 Challan

CIN based inquiry (Challan 280):

This method is very simple and easy to follow, what you need is the BSR code of the branch you are collecting the challan from. You must know the date of the challan, the serial number and amount paid. These details will help you track your challan. Once you fill up the blank spaces with the above details, a summary of your challan will appear on your screen. This will include the BSR, date of payment, serial number, major head code, TAN/PAN etc. Your name will also appear along with other details like the TIN.

TAN based inquiry:

In case you have lost the challan number or any other details, you can use the alternative for it. There is an icon in the form of a calendar that helps you select the range of date for easy tracking. Also check for challan identification number, major head codes and minor head codes. These details will be displayed along with the type of payment. By entering the approximate amount you can get the challan verification and tracking details.

Download the challan Online (Challan 280):

The portal has an interactive drop down menu. It has various options, click on the get the challan 280. IT will be automatically downloaded in PDF format. For taxpayers, the portal offers the OLTAS to download all details pertaining to the income tax. The payment of these challans can be done through online payment or bank or any tax paying facility.


Verification is very important part of tax payments. A lot of frauds and rules are broken from time to time. To steer away from any possibility of scams, make sure you attend the verification process with utmost care. The verification is made online for all the users in order to avoid manual work. With the status of your challan, it becomes easy to stay in touch with your payment details and billing. With tracking, you can keep clean records of your tax payments. Timely verification will give you an idea about your expenditure and you will not be fooled. Therefore make sure you use the tracking and verification facility provided by the online portals hosting challan 280. if you have any doubts regarding 280 Challan do comment below. we will clarify all your doubts through comments. thank you.

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